Percussion classes for Women 16 and older. Classes explore traditional rhythmic patterns derived from various cultural/ethnic back-grounds that are rich in percussive music. Participants will learn to play various percussion instruments as an ensemble with an opportunity to perform.

A 50% refund is given to women that accept an invitation to become a member of JoYful SoundZ‘s Percussive Collective/ Ensemble

Class Begin: This Fall (Due to pandemic, an on-line option will be offered).

Day & Time: Thursdays 6:00 p.m. to 7:300 p.m.
Cost per 6 week session: $65 with  $135 w/o





World Percussion 101 (For Women)
With Instrument $65.00 USD W/O Instrument $135.00 USD One Day $15.00 USD Private Lessons $150.00 USD
Auxiliary Djembe/Duns Latin hand drums