Created to introduce JoYful SoundZ to the rest of the world, and to invite artist across the world to share and learn new ways of creating their own life’s theme music using percussion blends.  This is an attempt to heal the world through sounds created using extremely rich percussive music…Traditional spiritual ethnicity.  You will see how African influence is the water of our universe, and, has covered every inch of our planet.  We are all connected through sound/music.  As you listen to the various arrangements, think of how these SoundZ make you feel.

The idea of “A Percussion Collective” is to bring together professional percussionists and drummers to create a new healing sound.  All healthy spirited and high vibrating percussionists are welcome!  


Have you ever sat through one of your productions and felt that it sounded just like your last production, or so very similar to the one you just paid five or maybe even ten dollars more than a ticket to your presentation???  Well… The MaSta BlaSta (# 11) is the Ink, the color to your next production whether it be staged, special event, or a simple recording.  JoYful SoundZ is the tracer of musical arrangement bringing a unique, and spiritually high frequency sound/vibration using various genres of culturally intense percussion rhythms.