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TRU CHAT is a Podcast inspired by Englewood, Chicago’s many outreach initiatives to end violence in our community by us. TRU CHAT a MejIMusyK Production, is an avenue for the voices of Englewood to be heard un-interrupted and un-cut, straight from the streets of Englewood, Chicago. So often stories are told about our community by reporters n organizations that don’t live in the community and they usually don’t look like us reporting news and happenings about the people of Englewood slighting making the stories that are told/heard, un-true and ready to sell to the public. Services Ages 16 Support this podcast:

Hey Hey Everybody…Welcome to a whole new portion of “TRU CHAT” called “Today’s Temperature” as we talk about what’s going on in our world today.  What are our TRU feelings about what’s happening and how it really feeling outside today! I’ve brought together a few friends/professionals who expressed an interest in sharing their thoughts and opinions on what’s going on as in relates to the  COV-rt19, and people of color’s response to what’s happening.  Do wee see how it is effecting us as compared to the rest of the world and why.  We look to have more difficult conversations in an effort to hash out the hard topics…feelings…dislikes…dis/misbeliefs we have for and against one another. “Today’s Temperature,” will air every-other Wednesday until the containment is OVA!!  Thanks for listening…Stay Up and Stay Safe…Peeeeaaaccce!!