MaSta BlaSta #11, began her percussive journey as an adolescent creating hip-hop beats on desk/table tops while the MCs did there thing.  She used body parts (legs, chest, and mouth) to play along with the house music originated in the basements, and streets of Chicago, IL.  She was a member of her high-school choir (At which time she studied gospel, negro spiritual, Rhythm & Blues, and contemporary music) the Cotton Blossom Singers at The Piney Woods Country Life School where she was first introduced to African descendants from all over the world, including the different countries in Africa.  At this time she was exposed to world music… Caribbean, African, Africans from Europe and all over America.  This is where her first idea and experience of fusing cultural sounds to make a unique sound began.  This collection of cultural beats and rhythms, and was healing in a way that it brought everyone that were in ears reach to their feet!

Since then the BlaSta played and performed in major stage productions with traditional West African ensembles, Jazz ensembles, and Latin (spiritual ceremonies) families, Funk/ R&B bands, and the American Christian church bands.

Through her most recent project “The Icebreaker…Journey of Our Ancestors” Sponsored by C4, The MaSta BlaSta returns to her natural state producing a sound through a fusion of a collective of her musical experience throughout her journey, creating a healing sound that re-defines spiritual worship.  A true love and acceptance of the God within.